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December 2014

Giving and Getting Gift Cards

November 2014

Publishers Clearing House Scam

October 2014

EZ Pass Scam

September 2014

Debt Collector Scam

August 2014

PF Chang's Card Data Breach

July 2014

Police Issue a Warning About Phone Scam

June 2014

Verizon Warns of Telephone Fraud Involving Jury Duty

May 2014

Facebook is the New Venue for the Grandparent Scam

April 2014

Remove Your Name From Mailing Lists

March 2014

Bucks County Sherriff Warns of Phone Scam

February 2014

Security Breach!

January 2014

Fraud Proof New Year's Resolutions

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December 2013

Life Alert Scam

November 2013

Country Crock Scam

October 2013

Medicare Fraud

September 2013

Funeral Scams

August 2013

Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

July 2013

Fake Check Scams

June 2013

Oklahoma Tornado Disaster

May 2013

10 Warning Signs You Are About To Be Scammed

April 2013

Microsoft Impostor Scam

March 2013

Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors

February 2013

Remove Your Information From Marketing Lists

January 2013

Tech Support Scams

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Fraud Alerts

The Crimes Against Older Adults Bucks County Task Force issues regular alerts on fraudulent practices and scams that could impact older adults. This information comes from local news sources and government agencies and is offered as a public service